LCBC Community Connect is the Knowledge Management Platform (KMP) of the Lake Chad Basin Regional Strategy for Stabilisation, Recovery and Resilience (RS-SRR). It is an important component of the implementation of the RS-SRR and serves four key purposes. As a high-quality web-based resource for policymakers, practitioners, think tanks, academic institutions, civil society, and knowledge actors, it serves as an observatory, resource and coordination tool for all initiatives and actions around the RS-SRR while proving practitioners and actors to engage through its community of practice component. Explore knowledge topics, connect with practitioners, and contribute to active strategic efforts in the Lake Chad Basin region. 

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Our Communities of Practice

Join our 6 communities of practice to engage in meaningful discussions to foster substantive contributions to issues pertaining to the Lake Chad Basin region! 



Cross Border Cooperation

Development & Humanitarian

Civil Society Organizations

Security & Protection



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