Pillar 5: Governance and the Social Contract

of the Regional Strategy for the Stabilization, Recovery & Resilience of the Boko Haram- affected Areas of the Lake Chad Basin Region

What is it about?

The Governance and the Social Contract pillar is one of the nine pillars of the Regional Strategy. Amidst ever-changing demographic, environmental, economic and political issues, ineffective governmental responses have reduced trust within the region. Strengthening and promoting good governance and rebuilding the social contract, ensuring a trustful and functional relationship between the state and citizens. 


The Governance and the Social Contract pillar has five strategic objectives:

  1. Shared Values on Good Governance: Governance norms, principles and best practices are adopted by LCBC member states
  2. Improving Service Delivery: To restore and strengthen state authority and institutions capacity to enhance the scope and improve the quality of social service delivery at the local level
  3. Enhancing Rule of Law and Accountability: To enhance the capacity of rule of Law providers to deliver effective services to citizens, civilian oversight and accountability
  4. Enhancing Public Participation and Civic Engagement: To strengthen civic engagement and participation in the implementation of the strategy
  5. Improving Cross-Border Cooperation: To strengthen cross-border and transboundary cooperation for mutually beneficial solutions and sub-regional integration


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Governance and the Social Contract

Subgroup from the Governance COP

Stabilisation and recovery of communities affected by the security crisis in the Far North of Cameroon

21 January 2020 to 16 October 2021

Regional Stabilisation Facility for Lake Chad Basin - National Window of Chad

Conflict prevention and resilience building in the return areas of Bosso, Gueskerou and Kablewa communes in Diffa