Pillar 8: Prevention of Violent Extremism and Building Peace

of the Regional Strategy for the Stabilization, Recovery & Resilience of the Boko Haram- affected Areas of the Lake Chad Basin Region

What is it about?

Prevention of Violent Extremism and Building Peace is one of the nine pillars of the Regional Strategy. Based on whole-of-society approach that is in line with recommendations of the UN Secretary-General's Plan of Action for the Prevention of Violent Extremism, the Lake Chad region countries have developed national strategies and action plans. Engaging civil society, local communities, traditional leaders, NGOs, media, academic institutions, and the private sector in an inclusive and participatory manner is essential. Strengthening local, national and regional peace architecture with a focus on conflict prevention, management, resolution and peacebuilding is necessary for stabilization. 


The Prevention of Violent Extremism and Building Peace pillar has five strategic objectives:

  1. Supporting National Capacities for PVE: To support the development and implementation of national strategies and action plans for PVE in-line with international obligations and best practices
  2. PVE Education, Knowledge and Capacities: To build up indigenous capacity in order to increase knowledge about the phenomenon and the drivers of violent extremism
  3. Mobilising Communities and Counter-Narratives: To empower local communities as actors to prevent, anticipate, and counter radical narratives
  4. Promoting Cross-Border Cooperation for P/CVE: To enhance and empower local, regional and international cooperation based on synergy, appropriation and coordination at all levels
  5. Supporting Peace Architecture: To build, review and strengthen local and national peace architecture, including early warning and early response mechanisms


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Prevention of Violent Extremism and Building Peace

Part of the Security and Protection COP

Peace through Health: peacebuilding and violence reduction in communities in the Far North, through inclusive health and social interventions

2 December 2021 to 1 June 2023