Pillar 9: Empowerment and Inclusion of Women and Youth

of the Regional Strategy for the Stabilization, Recovery & Resilience of the Boko Haram- affected Areas of the Lake Chad Basin Region

What is it about?

Empowerment and Inclusion of Women and Youth is one of the nine pillars of the Regional Strategy. Increasing awareness and mainstreaming of gender issues must be accompanied by specific and urgent action to increase protection for women and girls, and to ensure that women and youth are empowered to participate fully in planning and decision-making processes. To address the increase in hopelessness amongst the youth that underpins vulnerability to extremism, investing in youth and building resilient communities is essential to strengthen social values and community cohesion. 


The Empowerment and Inclusion of Women and Youth pillar has four strategic objectives:

  1. Protecting Women and Girls: To ensure effective protection measures that empower women and girls as beneficiaries and can effectively engage in the stabilization and peacebuilding process as well as prevention and response to violence extremism. Protect women and girls from all forms of violence, exploitation and abuse
  2. Promoting Women Participation, Empowerment and Socio-Economic Rights: Through UN, AUC and RECs frameworks for Women’s Empowerment domesticated and operationalised in national plans and Territorial Action Plans for the full and effective inclusion and participation of women and girls in the stabilization, recovery and resilience process, with provision for financial resources as well as coordination framework for the implementation of the National and Territorial Action Plan
  3. Youth Empowerment, Participation, and Protection: To ensure effective mechanisms are established to ensure that youth are protected, empowered and effectively engaged in structured dialogues, stabilization and peacebuilding process
  4. Monitoring and Accountability: To improve research, monitoring, reporting, analysis and advocacy ensures that a gender & youth-sensitive approaches are mainstreamed and that the stabilization process leverages effectively upon the capacities of girls and women


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Empowerment and Inclusion of Women and Youth

Subgroup from the Governance COP

Youth Leading Stabilization Efforts in the Lake Chad Basin

01/03/2021 to 28/02/2023

UN Volunteers for the Stabilisation of the Lake Chad Basin

UN Volunteers for the Inclusion of People Living with Disabilities

Nigerien youth in action: Supporting the active role of young women and men in peacebuilding in the departments of Diffa, Bosso (Commune of Bosso and Toumour) and N'Guigmi