Cross Border Engagement - TRAC 2

Cross Border Engagement - TRAC 2

Project Details


12 months

Funded by



Presidential Committee on Small Arms (PRESCOM)

Project location

Border communities in Nigeria; Adamawa (Targeting Operatives from Borno, Taraba & Adamawa), Calabar (Operatives from Akwa Ibom, Ebonyi & Cross River), Seme (Operatives from Ondo, Ogun & Lagos)


About the project

Peace and security challenges in West Africa are primarily about responding to the threat of/and actual violent conflicts, as well as building sustainable human security for all within and across national boundaries. To tackle the multidimensional threats to peace and security between Nigeria and its neighbors, the TRAC 2 funding leverages on existing and planned regional stabilization efforts on SALW to ensure a targeted intervention aimed at setting up community led border security management structures. This measure will enhance peace, strengthen cross border security, sensitize border communities and prevent community violence and conflicts.

The project is aimed at Strengthening cross border engagements to promote peace and reduce armed conflicts, by addressing Small Arms proliferation/trafficking in border communities.