Youth Leading Stabilization Efforts in the Lake Chad Basin

Youth Leading Stabilization Efforts in the Lake Chad Basin

Project Details


01/03/2021 to 28/02/2023


Project Location

Cameroon: Far North Region; Mayo-Tsanaga Department; Mokolo subdivision; Mendeze locality

Niger: Diffa Region

  • Diffa: Shetimari, Gueskerou, Diffa commune
  • Bosso: Bosso and Toumour commune
  • Maine: Maine Soroa commune
  • Nguigmi: Nguigmi and Kablewa commune
  • Goudoumaria: Goudoumaria commune

Nigeria: Local Government Area (LGA): Mafa Communities: Kaleri, Gwozari, Simari, Adamkolo and Dipchimari

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About the project

The project “Youth Leading Stabilization Efforts in the Lake Chad Basin” aims to transform traditionally marginalized youth into agents of peace and stabilization, building their resilience to recruitment in violent extremism with the use of innovative, digital tools. It is implemented in Cameroon, Niger and Nigeria from 01/03/2021 to 28/02/2023.

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At the start of the project, youth identified key factors linked to basic services and inclusion as the keys to peaceful and resilient societies, such as education, healthcare and youth participation. The youth was trained to monitor these factors throughout the Lake Chad Basin by conducting data collection exercises at community level. This grassroots data is uploaded onto the online Lake Chad Stability Map and computer centers were created to facilitate youths’ access to this map. Youth were trained in advocacy and other life skills to use the collected data to advocate for improvements and hold duty-bearers accountable, while local leaders were sensitized to the importance and effectiveness of youth participation in decision-making.

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The investment that the project has made is bearing fruit. Today, youth have transformed into vocal experts who enjoy open channels of communication with decision-makers and create more and more opportunities to have a seat at the table.

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By the end of the second implementation year, the project had trained 3551 youth (F:296; M:255) on data collection methods and how to use the Lake Chad Stability Map, allowing them to successfully engage in data collection exercises in their own and surrounding communities; 2915 forms were filled during the data collection exercises; 16 youth organizations were legalized and supported; 3 computer terminals were equipped, 362 youth (F:190; M:172) were trained on life skills for peacebuilding; 223 youth (F:111; M:112) were trained on advocacy and the system and environment they operate in to empower them to effectively influence decision-making processes.



During its implementation, the project generated links and synergies with regional initiatives contributing to the implementation of the RS-SRR, which facilitated the building of a working relationship with the LCBC Secretariat. This sparked the interest of a collaboration between the LCBC and Plan International with the aim of pursuing similar youth-focused initiatives that contribute to the implementation of RS-SRR, as well as the TAPS at the local level.

The product of these discussions was a co- design workshop held in N’Djamena, Chad on 24-25 February 2023 with the goal to co-develop a regional, youth-focused intervention that aims to advance the implementation of Pillar 8 and Pillar 9 of the RS-SRR as well as the TAPS. The workshop, hosted by LCBC Secretariat, brought together 8 Program Specialists, Localization Experts, Emergency Response Managers and Management. The workshop successfully harnessed the enthusiasm and experience of participants and reached wide-ranging consensus. It was agreed to move forward rapidly with an action plan which includes the development of a two-year project involving the four countries of the Lake Chad region Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Niger, that will bring youth to the forefront of the implementation of the RS-SRR.


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