UN Volunteers for the Stabilisation of the Lake Chad Basin

UN Volunteers

for the Stabilisation of the Lake Chad Basin

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As a common service for the UN System, UNV engages Sahelian citizens (online and onsite) to promote social inclusion, development of human capital, and active participation of youth, women, and marginalized groups. The integration of additional UNVs at all levels of implementation of the Plan and joint programmes will ensure a rapid, inclusive, and efficient implementation of such, further enhancing the sustainability of the initiatives under the Stabilization and strengthening local ownership.​

The UNV Program advocates for volunteerism as a powerful and cross-cutting means of implementation of the 2030 agenda. Volunteer engagement plays an important role in supporting the functioning of the Administration and facilitating youth and women engagement as agents of change in their communities.

The 544 UN volunteers recruited in the 4 Stabilization countries in 2022, 34 y.o. average, 44% women, benefit from the extensive online learning and coaching program offered by the UNV Program to strengthen their capacities during their assignment and provide them with a comprehensive understanding of the career exploration process.

Among them:

  • 14 Volunteers Specialists provided technical expertise in programs, finance, engineering and GIS, and supported the local Administration in implementing Stabilization activities in Niger. The volunteers contributed to strengthening the capacities of the Administration, in line with the Stabilization principles, in implementing and monitoring the initiative in areas affected by insecurities and conflicts.
  • Communities are sensitized by 35 Community UN Volunteers mobilized by UNDP in Chad and Niger as community assistants and social affairs, and they contributed to create social cohesion in different peripherical localities.
  • 11 National specialist UN Volunteers were mobilized as trainers of 1,800 young people as 'weavers of peace' in Cameroon, Gabon and Chad for the UNESCO PBF project “Young people, Weavers of Peace” ((joint with UNODC).

In addition, 19 Online Volunteers provided expertise in context analyses and review of the security and DDR framework in Niger so to support the Knowledge Management Strategy of UNDP in Niger and provided comprehensive data analysis and information that further supported decision making.



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